Gary's PC



Project WRX


The concept was born whilst discussing the specs of a new PC for one of our clients. He runs a Subaru dealership and in his office was a model WRX. We suggested that we could build one in that and the client warmed to the idea. On closer inspection, we realised that it was too small; it was about 1/16th scale.

We set out to find a bigger 'case' and some stuff to cram into it. We found a 1/8th scale at a model shop, bought some wheels, some paint and started researching small componentry. We enlisted the help of another client who



made the base plate out of aluminium. It started to evolve. A cut here, a hole there and we had the shell ready for the motherboard. We cut a hole in the base so the leads didn't hang out the side.

We soldered up some LED's and a small power switch and drilled them into the boot area. A blue one for power and a red one for HDD activity. The hard drive sits on some motherboard spacers to give it some ventilation. We used a round ATA cable, tidied up the leads with some wraps and painted the CD rom tray.

Once all was in, we added a small blue cold cathode and hit the GO button.



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